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You know how, in every circle of family and friends, there's always that one person who has a specialty dish that everyone expects them to bring whenever there's a gathering?  

It easily became common knowledge amongst her peers that: every banquet, recreational event, post-event reception and the like, would house one of Lavern's cakes as its centerpiece.  Regular store-bought gifts were no longer expected on birthdays and holidays, not even on Christmas! Lavern had to fill-up cookie tins with her homemade treats.  The public may know her as Lavern White, but personal friends endearingly tagged her as "Our Own Betty Crocker" and she loves it because baking is her passion.

For 15+ years Lavern White has evolved from the baby steps of cake creations prepared at family and personal friends functions to a pastry chef graduate of the Art Institute of NYC, who has learned to hone her skills to produce multi-tiered, rolled fondant, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind edible works of art. Not only does she have a pastry arts educational background, but her BA in Psychology gives her the edge needed to be a good listener for her clients spoken and unexpressed desires. And through the opportunity to work with great wedding cake stylist such as Cheryl Kleinman and Ellen Baumwoll, she has blossomed into a remarkable decorator.

With each cake, whether a traditional one layer, or hand-carved theme request needing to feed 10 or 300; Lavern puts her heart and soul into each creation. Using the freshest ingredients, and the latest techniques, Lavern has not failed to give her clients a product that they will never forget. 

Lavern's cakes aren't just made of flour and sugar, but rather, they are visual ideas that her clients give to her. She in return gives them a tangible creation that holds the true meaning, depth, and breath of both the gift giver and its recipient. 

Lavern’s humble beginnings and present accomplishments, will afford her clients a future of great taste, custom style and amazement!